The Story of Elsa “Muffy” Harmon

Posted by Elsa Harmon on

As my maternal grandfather would often say, our roots are very deep in Des Moines. I feel the same about St. Paul’s.

 We returned to Des Moines in 1955, and our family has been in the third pew ever since. I started my ministry at church by tying the bows of the choir boys with my mother.

I have known and served with four bishops and a number of priests during this time. Through the years, many family events occurred at the font, the altar or ending with burial. There was marriage to Henry Harmon, christening of two children, one niece and a grandson, buried both parents and an aunt and uncle.

I was elected as the first female warden after serving on many commissions and committees at St. Paul’s and in the diocese. In 1999 I was ordained to the diaconate and blessed to serve in the church and diocese. I was appointed to serve as ERD (Episcopal Relief and Development) chair and preached around the diocese of its importance. 

Other ministries revolved around the care of creation, water, air and pollution, care of the sick and dying and issues of homelessness. Together, with the congregation, we restored and blessed an Anawim house. I couldn’t escape fund-raising -- I chaired the restoration campaign -- any more than I can escape death. I will be interred in the Cathedral Columbarium when that time comes.

“Blessed be the ties that bind.’’