The Story of Carol Clay Hall

Posted by Carol Hall on

As a young teen, I was immersed in the baptismal pool of the Vernon Baptist Church in Chicago. Years later I was drawn to St. Bartholomew's Episcopal Church when I became a Boy Scout volunteer there.

I welcomed the ways and teachings of the Episcopal Church and was confirmed by Suffragan Bishop, Quintin Primo (The Rev. Stanford Carmichael, priest) on Easter Eve, 1975.

Soon after moving to Des Moines in 1979, with husband, two sons, and one daughter, I joined St. Paul's. I chose this parish out of three churches I visited because of its beauty, order, and ceremony.

I've always enjoyed and mostly attended the 8 o'clock services. I've particularly enjoyed the 10 o'clock services during Pentecost, Easter, and Christmas.

I've been honored to serve on the Altar Guild, as a UTO coordinator, and as an intercessor.

"Experiencing God" study sessions and Healing Prayer meetings have added to my spiritual nourishment of The Word, Holy Communion, and God's Peace.