Legacy Gifts

Many parishioners prayerfully consider including St. Paul’s in a planned gift in gratitude for a lifetime of God’s blessings. Planned Gifts are made through wills or through life-income gifts and often have favorable tax benefits.  These gifts derive from the giver’s accumulated assets, unlike annual gifts or pledges that derive from annual income.

Planned Gifts are used as directed by the giver’s will.  Available instruments include charitable gift annuities, charitable remainder trusts and a pooled income fund.

Other types of Planned Gifts include naming St. Paul’s as the beneficiary or co-beneficiary of an existing life insurance policy as well as gifts of real estate.

Legacy or Planned Gifts are important because they help ensure that our children and generations to follow, will have the same opportunities of ministry and spiritual life as current St. Paul’s members enjoy.  By including St. Paul’s in your will or via estate planning, you elevate St. Paul’s to the level of family.

For more information please contact Mr. Tom Tarbox or Mr. Rick Stearns. 


St. Paul's Legacy Society

St. Paul’s Legacy Society will be comprised of those members who have raised St. Paul’s to the level of family by including the parish in their estate plans with a gift of any size.  All of these gifts insure the vitality of the parish for future generations and, importantly, renew the ministries of the parish.  Included in the Legacy Society will be current members who have made provisions in their estate plans for St. Paul’s as well as those souls who have made bequest in the past and included St. Paul’s in their estate plans.  Members will be honored with a lapel pin and annual celebration.