Thanks to all who pledged in 2018 we will end the year debt free. In order to continue this practice we will need the continued support of all members in this year’s campaign. 

However, giving is not just about covering the overhead. In fact, it’s about so much more.  Sometimes we lose track of just how many lives are touched when we support St. Paul’s.  Not only the lives of your fellow parishioners but all the people who benefit from our outreach ministries – individuals you will probably never see or meet.  Stewardship, in one sense, is about your contribution to St. Paul’s and other people’s lives.

We invite you to participate in this year’s campaign.  Your generosity will make a difference for your parish family and positively touch the lives of countless more in our community.  Thank you for your support.

Pledge Card

Frequently Asked Questions

I donate on a regular basis. Why is it important that I pledge?

All donations are appreciated: however, pledges are important to permit St. Paul’s to budget each year. St. Paul’s is committed to a balanced budget, and pledges are necessary for estimating revenue. With greater contributions St. Paul’s can add programs and services for our members and our community. If pledges are low St. Paul’s could be forced to reduce programs, staff or services or defer other needed services.

I pledged last year. Do I need to pledge again?

You need to renew and update your pledge annually. If you are currently donating by a recurring debit charge or withdrawal that will continue at the same level unless you make a change. Nevertheless, we ask that you complete a pledge card, or update your donation online, so that we may know that you have made a pledge decision for 2019. 

What if I am uncertain about the future and am reluctant to pledge?

Your pledge is not an enforceable contract. Although we ask that all pledges be a reflection of a real intent to donate, if you have a change in circumstance, you can change your pledge at any time during the year by submitting a revised pledge card or electronic authorization.

Does the amount of my pledge or donation affect my standing at St. Paul’s?

No. St. Paul’s is an open and affirming church, and neither membership nor opportunities to serve are conditioned upon your pledging a certain amount at all.

Who should you visit with if you have questions?

You can visit with Fr. Troy, Deacon John, Rick Stearns or Skeet Wooten. All conversation remain confidential.