Expectations for Outdoor Worship

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How to Join Us for Outdoor Worship!

St. Paul's is offering outdoor worship utilizing the rain-garden altar north of the building. Services of Holy Eucharist on Sundays will be at 8 am and 9.30 am. Sunday October 18th services are cancelled due to weather! These will be spoken services of approximately 30 minutes. It will be necessary to sign up in advance, to attend worship, as space is limited (15 people per service initially). As well as this written document, a video is also available to guide you through what to expect.

In advance:

  1. Sign up for each service that you wish to attend, by clicking here.

Before you leave home:

  1. Monitor your personal health. Do you have a cough or fever? Have you been exposed to someone with symptoms or who has tested positive for COVID-19 in the past two weeks? If ‘yes’ then please stay at home and worship with us online via Facebook or YouTube for two weeks or until you receive a negative result from a COVID-19 test. If you are well then …
  2. Put on your facemask.
  3. Pick up your Book of Common Prayer.
  4. Bring a lawn chair and/or umbrella for sun protection if desired.

When you arrive:

  1. Welcome! Check in with an Usher at the entrance to the rain garden who will show you to your reserved spot.

Throughout the worship service the clergy will wear faceshields and/or facemasks. The presider will thoroughly wash their hands with soap and water before worship begins, at the start of the Eucharistic prayer, and prior to serving the communion wafers. The communion bread and wine will be set on the altar prior to the start of the service and will be handled only by the presider with thoroughly washed hands. Host wafers and a small quantity of wine will be consecrated. Communion will be administered in one kind, using host wafers, while the chalice will remain on the altar.

During the worship service:

  1. Join in with the congregational responses at a modest volume (no shouting – as if you would J). Please keep your facemask on.

At the passing of the peace:

  1. Please remain in your spot. Pass the peace with your neighbors by making good eye contact and a friendly wave or with a reverential bow. Be creative!

To receive Holy Communion:

  1. Remain in your spot. Extend your palms and the priest will serve you with a communion wafer. When the priest has moved to the next communicant you may briefly remove your facemask and consume the host, immediately replacing your facemask afterwards.

As you leave:

  1. Go in peace, maintaining 6’ physical distancing from those around you. We are so glad that you worshipped with us today and we look forward to worshipping with you again soon.

The facilities: You are welcome to enter the cathedral building to use the restroom if needed. Due to the narrowness of the hallway, one person at a time will be permitted to enter the building.




To Receive Communion from the Reserved Sacrament

Make an appointment to receive communion from the Reserved Sacrament by emailing or by telephoning the cathedral office on (515) 288-7297. Up to 6 people from the same household may be served in one appointment. Please come to the rain-garden altar north of the building at your appointed time and a clergy person will meet you there.


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