Get engaged! Use your talents to become an active part of Sunday morning services. 


...serve the ministers and congregation during worship by carrying crosses, candles, serving at the altar and participating with the celebrating ministers. Adults and children are welcome to serve as acolytes.

Altar Guild 

...members lovingly prepare the worship space with linens appropriate to the season, prepare the offertory gifts of bread and wine, and provide everything necessary for worship. 

Choir Members

...prepare choir anthems and service music at Thursday evening rehearsals.


Coffee Hour Hosts

...prepare and serve refreshments after each Sunday morning service.

Eucharistic Ministers the clergy serve Holy Communion by offering the bread or the wine. 

Eucharistic Visitors

...take Holy Communion to members of the congregation who, by reason of illness or infirmity, were unable to be present at the worship service.  


...welcome people by providing directions and general hospitality at our doors. The only requirement is a friendly smile and the ability to arrive early for worship.  

Prayer Leaders (Intercessors)

...lead the people in prayers for the Church, its members and mission, the Nation and all in authority, the welfare of the world, concerns of the local community, those who suffer and those in any trouble, and the departed. The prayers are found in the Book of Common Prayer.

Readers the scriptures for the service that may include either an Old Testament lesson, a psalm, and/or a New Testament lesson. Training is available and we appreciate a wide variety of voices. 

Sound Board Volunteers

...are responsible for the microphones and our T-Coil headsets. They control the levels of amplification during worship. Training is available and no prior technical knowledge is needed. 


...distribute service bulletins, collect the offerings, bring the offerings of bread and wine to the altar, and assist the flow of people for communion. Ushers usually work in teams of two or more.  

 Get Involved