We believe in god's unconditional love

You are welcome, you are affirmed, and you are safe here. Come as you are. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

When are your services?

Sunday Worship is at 8:00 am (in-person), and 10:00 am (in-person and live streamed).

We are currently limiting attendance at in-person worship due to the pandemic. Please click here to sign up for in-person worship. 

All in-person worship services require mask wearing and social distancing. Please decide what to attend based on your risk factors and comfort levels.  There is no expectation that you need to attend worship in-person. Click here for our "What to Expect at an Indoor Service" document. 

Our Carillon Concert is on Sunday mornings from 9:00 -9:25 am. This is a time to enjoy some hymns from our big bell tower. You may drive up to the building or watch on our Facebook page. 

Drive Up Communion is from 9:00-9:30 am. This is a 5-10 minute time of prayer and reception of communion. Park in the parking lot closer to the building and someone will come out to serve you. 

What does a St. Paul's service looks like?

Click here to check out our recent services.

What should I wear if I come to an in-person service? 

You can wear whatever makes you feel comfortable. Some come in blue jeans, others come in more formal attire.

Where do I park?

We have a parking lot behind the building and street parking is free on Sundays.

If you are coming to worship and able to use stairs, you may want to park on the street, as we ask those who are able to use the 9th Street or Chapel entrances.  

What door do I enter?

St. Paul's is a church with many doors! If you are coming to a worship service and able to use stairs, please use either the Chapel entrance on High Street, which is at street level, or the 9th Street entrance. The Chapel entrance brings you to an interior staircase that you may use to access the sanctuary. 

If you need to avoid stairs, please park in the parking lot and use the office door on the north side of the building. The office door has an awning and a level entryway.  Follow the long hallway and turn right to access the sanctuary.

In order to ease foot traffic and allow for better social distancing, we ask that all who are able to use stairs enter via 9th Street or the Chapel entrance.

What is available for children?

 Because of the pandemic, we are currently offering at-home devotional materials and outdoor monthly gatherings as weather allows. We also have coloring materials that children who attend worship services may take home and a nursery that families may use as needed.

When health conditions allow, we will once again offer weekly children's programming during the 10 am service and a staffed nursery. You may learn more about children's ministry here. 

I'm interested in having a special service, such as a marriage or funeral at St. Paul's. What do I do?

We would love to connect with you about special services. Please email our administrator and we'll be in touch!

I'm coming to St. Paul's during a weekday. How will that affect parking?

We have some spaces that are always available for St. Paul's members and visitors. These are the spaces on the bricks closest to the building and the two marked Reserved. You can even use the space with the Bishop sign! We do rent the rest of our parking lot during the workday (8:00 am -5:00 pm), but if it isn't busy, you are free to park in other spots as needed. 

If you are coming for a funeral, wedding, or diocesan event during the workday, we often are able to make arrangements with our renters to use our full lot for those occasions. You may call our office if you are unsure whether the lot is reserved for the occasion.