The Cathedral Church of St. Paul
Chapter Minutes
23 May 2017
Elvin McDonald, acting clerk on behalf of Barbara Willey who is recovering from surgery.

Attendance: All present except Brad Schaefer and Barbara Willey. Guest: Spivey Knapik

Dean Troy Beecham called the meeting to order with prayer at 5:00 p.m.

Treasurer’s Report: In the absence of Brad Schaefer, John Doherty reminded Chapter that April financial data should have been distributed by Brad. John indicated that adjustment is needed to Estate Income projection owing to recent recognition that income received for several years from a trust would now be considered to be payable to Endowment Fund. This generated some discussion as to when estate and memorial gifts should be considered as operating income versus bequests to endowment fund. This subject was referred to Finance Committee.

Sanctuary Discernment: Spivey Knapik requested Chapter approval of action to indicate on social media that Cathedral was discerning the level of commitment to Sanctuary Initiative. Approved by Chapter. Also Spivey requested information on how to obtain access to Cathedral facilities for a meeting of others involved in Sanctuary movement. Spivey was referred to John Zickefoose. Spivey also discussed the intention of the meeting that led to Chapter discussion regarding factors to consider in planning for such a meeting. Laurie Theis made a motion that we agree to “discernment” on the website, second by Stephanie Preusch. Much discussion. Motion passed unanimously. Spivey and Traci want to set up a Discernment Committee made up of St. Paul’s members and others. Tim Whipple expressed concern that it become political— i.e. ICE might show up.

Kitchen Update: John Kerss provided update on work. John requested approval for contract modification in amount of $9,500 for flashing outside of north wall. Motion made and approved to increase the authorized loan amount by $10,000 to $170,000. Skeet Wootten agreed to notify Chuck Wheeler of this increase and to encourage action of Investment Committee on request approved by Chapter in April Meeting. There was a motion by John Kerss, second by Rich Jacobs that the kitchen expenditure be capped at $170,000. Passed.

Reading of Minutes: Motion by Skeet Wootten, second by Laurie Theis to approve. Passed unanimously.

Senior Warden: Expressed the need for volunteer nursery caretakers through summer.

Father Troy shared that he has been diagnosed in the early stages of Parkinson’s but is hopeful that he is years from the disease impacting his daily work. The Chapter expressed pledge to be supportive in all ways possible and to accept this as a learning experience to help the Church meet the needs of its flock.

Motion to adjourn by Tim Whipple, second by Laurie Theis. Motion carried and the meeting ended following prayer by Father Troy.