Diocesan Convention with Presiding Bishop Michael Curry

10.18.18 | Events | by Troy Beecham

Diocesan Convention with Presiding Bishop Michael Curry

    Our Diocesan Convention begins in only a few days, and what a wonderful weekend it is going to be! It will also be a grand kick-off for several weeks of special events and celebrations!

    Convention begins on Friday evening, October 26th at 7pm, with the opening Holy Eucharist celebrated at St. Paul’s. We are expecting a very full congregation, so please plan to arrive early! Presiding Bishop Michael Curry will be the celebrant of the Holy Eucharist, which is a great honor for us, and we will have our own Bp. Alan and several other visiting bishops worshiping the Lord with us along with delegates and clergy from around our diocese. Prof. Mark Babcock, Cathedral Organist, and the Cathedral Choir will lead the festive Opening Convention liturgy at 7pm. This will be a Holy Eucharist to long remember!

    We will also gather on Saturday evening, October 27th for a service of Choral Evensong at 4:30pm. Bishop Christopher Epting will officiate and we have the honor as a Cathedral to welcome so many guests, including our visiting bishops. 

    On Sunday, October 28th, we invite all who are able to join with the Presiding Bishop at the Marriott for the closing celebration of the Holy Eucharist and to hear Presiding Bishop Curry preach. This does mean that our regularly scheduled celebrations of the Holy Eucharist at 8 and 10am will be not be held for this one Sunday. 

    The diocese has arranged for every congregation to have new t.v. monitors and high speed WiFi installed to live broadcast the closing sermon and Holy Eucharist at 11:00am., with special Eucharistic ministers to provide Holy Communion from Reserve Sacrament. Our cathedral will participate in this special service, acting as host for those who are unable to be seated at the Marriott and showing the live streaming service. 

    This Diocesan Convention will mark the 25th year since the Diocese ratified St. Paul’s as the new Diocesan Cathedral, a fact that will be celebrated during the convention, and the celebrations will continue the following Saturday and Sunday with our very special guest, the Rev’d. Canon Gary Hall, formerly the Dean of the National Cathedral, who will be joining us on Saturday, November 3rd, for a day of conversation and panel discussions about “What does it mean to be a Cathedral?” and “How St. Paul’s can discern and grow into fully embracing our special ministry as the Diocesan Cathedral”. If you have not registered for this event, please do so ASAP! We expect a full gathering. Luncheon will be served in the Undercroft.

    The celebrations of our 25th Anniversary as the Diocesan Cathedral do not stop there! On Sunday, November 18th, we will have a special festal celebration of the Holy Eucharist with one combined service at 10:00am and grand reception following!

    This is a season of special thanksgiving and celebration for the many gifts given to us by God, the honor of being the Diocesan Cathedral, and moving into God’s future with renewed clarity of our mission to bring the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to downtown Des Moines, the Diocese, and the world!

    We are truly blessed by God!

    Fr. Troy